2022 Festival

The Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival will return once again to fill the streets of Bendigo with music from the 10th to the 13th of February 2022.


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    Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham (The Waifs), live at The Old Church on the Hill, Bendigo UPCOMING EVENT: Leslie D. King & The Trembling Shakes @ Old Church on the Hill w/Alister Turrill + Mariah McCarthy UPCOMING EVENT: Hustler hosts Jazz & Funk for Bendigo on the Hop! UPCOMING EVENT: Bendigo on the Hop Music at the Festival Hub (Hargreaves Mall) UPCOMING EVENT: Kelly Brouhaha & Great Aunt at Old Church On The Hill, Bendigo UPCOMING EVENT: Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival #10 UPCOMING EVENT: Hustler Sunday Session feat: Rebecca Jane + Grim Fawkner! UPCOMING EVENT: Piano Wizard Andrew Farrell live at Handle Bar, Bendigo UPCOMING EVENT: BB&RMF presents: Live 'n' Local! Supported by City of Greater Bendigo UPCOMING EVENT: Hustler Sunday Session feat: The Quarry Hillbillies + Jake Fry! UPCOMING EVENT: Hustler Sunday Session feat: Charlie Bedford + Jake Fry! UPCOMING EVENT: Hustler Sunday Session feat: Pipes (Tulli) + Lloyd Dodsworth + Brandon Trickey UPCOMING EVENT:

    About the festival

    Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival is a four day event of live performances throughout the Bendigo region, the highlight of which is an all-day family-friendly concert in Rosalind Park.

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