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Enjoy freaky funky vibes from Honk Tank, live at Nimbus Rooftop Bar from 6pm till 8pm.

Honk Tank combine the jazz-fusion guitar stylings of Tim O’Brien with the one-man rhythm section Brendan Bartlett on sousaphone, drums and synth at the same time. Their original sets incorporate much improvisation and navigate between sporadic and smooth, always with a focus on repetition and harmonic interplay.
Originally formed as primarily a busking outfit to fundraise for grassroots charities, Honk Tank have since focused and developed their sound culminating in the release of the three-movement suite ‘Crank’. Combining soulful blues, jazz and funk influences, ‘Crank’ takes a a simple sousaphone motif and pushes it to the limits!

3/103 Mitchell Street, Bendigo 3550
email: hello@nimbusrooftop.com.au
phone: (03) 4432 7361